it's a giveaway you tramps!

the other day i posted about some cute vintage bags from bomode and all youz snatched em up!

including the one i wanted.

all i can say is it better be on it's way to my house.



and as a thank you for all of you that visited her shop...

peggy of bomode is offering one of you a free bag!


KATANA french vintage black leather (genuine!!) satchel/shoulder bag.

everyone needs a basic black everyday bag and now one of you will have one.

and it's french and vintage,

which will make you prettier and skinnier and gayer!


all you have to do is leave a comment here.

and visit bomode's facebook page and click 'like'.


but THAT'S NOT ALL!!!!!!! 

bomode is offering 15% off anything in her shop!


just enter the coupon code: myfavoriteandmybest


so for the lazy readers...

1. free bag

2. leave comment

3. facebook/like

4. 15% off


thank you peggy.

thank you world.