sharing dreams and things..

you know your day will be good when you wake up from a night full of riding ron swanson through the airport like a gorilla.  

if you have to ask who ron swanson is you are dead to me.

go get with the program.


it was like what breathing air must feel like after being trapped in a coffin all night long. (it can happen)

or like a sip of water after 4 days in a desert. (also happens- ask border patrol)

don't ask me why.

it just was.

it was motherfuckingronswanson.




i have this reocurring dream...

usually this portion of dreamtime comes right after my "weird" dream..

it's almost like it's my safe place of dreams.


 where my mind goes after something really strange or weird happens.

aka riding ron swanson like a gorilla..


it's in a very cool mall.

no mall i have ever actually been in.  

just a really BIG mall with the best mall stores.

zara, h&m, forever 21, pella shoes, merry-go-round, orange julius, the wild pair..

you know..THE BEST! 


in this dream i am usually in a hurry.

once i was chasing nene from RHOATL on roller skates.

and it's ALWAYS a good time..

but i have to get through this mall somehow..quickly..

i have to enter it and exit it.

i never buy anything..

but i still somehow love being there just the same.

i am always alone.

and i am just in a happy place...despite being in a hurry and not buying anything.


last night the airport turned into the mall and ron swanson turned into dust.


what is your recurring dream?

share it.

winner gets a small painting..


i am awesome on a monday.