halloween costume of the day..


jane eyre.


now how to convince a 6 year old girl to be an abused and penniless orphan who sees ghosts and who's best and only friend dies of consumption at a young age leaving her all alone and then moves into a haunted castle as governess where she falls in love with a man who eventually asks her to marry him only to find he is married to someone else at which point she leaves broken hearted and travels through england trading her clothes for food, comes back to the castle only to find it burned to the ground and the love of her life blind and cuhraaaazeeee.


should be easy enough.




one of my super fresh secrets announced on FRIDAY!!!

c'mon back.



and tomorrow i will choose a best dream winner with my bare hands!!

so also come back tomorrow. and friday. 

so come back both days.

but really come back every day.




 costume available here.