dream winner

chosing a winner was hard.

many of you have some extremely fucked up recurring dreams,

in fact it made me think of my childhood recurring dream that i had forgotten all about...


i am asleep and i hear this horrible moaning..

i walk down the hall to the door that leads to the stairs that lead to the basement.

down at the bottom of the stairs is the head of Al from happy days (this guy)

and it's sitting on the floor, no body, just the head, and it's REALLY BIG and it's on fire and the flames are engulfing his huge head and he is alive and moaning and looking at me to help him.

fucking terrifying.

i wake up after that. 

usually crying and sweating.





i chose the dream that made me LOL.








here is her highly amusing dream:

My reoccurring dream: I am super pregnant and very confused about how it happened. I then give birth to an adorable little black baby; the problem is my boyfriend is the blondest guy ever so I then realize it is clearly not his baby. The baby has an afro and he can walk straight out of the womb. He does this sort of bouncy dance when he walks, thank god my illegitimate child has rhythm, and sometimes he can talk. I spend the rest of the dream trying to hide the fact that the baby is black. Usually I dye his hair blond but the afro grows so fast that he has roots. In the dreams where he can talk baby usually taunts me that my boyfriend is going to find out. Dream about infidelity or do I just need get my roots done more often? Who knows?


so awesome.

and you know as funny as it sounds it was probably terrifying as it was going down.



but bc i am awesome and a superfriend i chose another winner...


that's right TWO winners..

winner #2 is..




here is her ridiculously awesome dream:

I haven't had this one in a while, but growing up I had this dream about once a week:
It's a sunny day and I wander outside (the house where I grew up in Indiana)...when I get out to the driveway, I find the Golden Girls! And they are dressed in chiffon gowns, each their own color. I remember in the dream they always reminded me of the three fairies from Disney's Sleeping Beauty. They explain to me that my parents were in a tragic plane crash and that now they will be taking care of me. They would soothe me (even though I wasn't really upset about these new circumstances) and start listing all the delicious food they will make me (peanut butter and honey sandwiches! banana pudding! better cheddars!). The 5 of us head inside and watch soaps (Guiding Light and As the World Turns) together and then I wake up.


sorry, golden girls references will always win.


don't worry though losers..

i will be doing more painting giveaways in the future.

stay with me.




don't forget to come back tomorrow for a super secret reveal..

here's a hint:

look at that pretty wall color.




secret farts,