some things suck ding dong




after a real long time of pulling rabbits out of our b-holes, it's finally here.


a totes awesome new shop nestled in antique factory here in atlanta.

nelya, susie and meself have teamed up to bring you the best vintage and antique goodness we design-obsessed bitches can find..

including but not limited to vintage art, my art, lucite, orange lacquer, lavender lacquer, brass and glass, mid century originals,  custom upholstery, and lamps that will melt your face.


that shit is now open so come down and buy some really good stuff for your house.

5505 peachtree rd.

chamblee, ga. 30341




monday-saturday 11-5


not in atlanta?

fuck you come anyway.

just kidding, probably..


don't worry...M I N T Y is an online experience too!

we are still collecting pieces for the website so, more coming soon!!



 in the meantime though, drop by.

i will be there today and tomorrow with my girls nelya and susie.

we will probably be painting and straightening and stuff.


and do visit the site and sign up for our newsletter and follow us on twitter and like us on facebook and stuff.


i want to thank all of you lovely people for your support and excitement through all of these secrety secret times.




curated farts,