all A's.



new lantern.

inside top painted gold.

taking pictures in the morning is dumb.



"violet" 24 x 30



virus diet tips:

1. contract a virus.

2. take 2 bites of everything.

3. stop working out for 2 weeks.

4. lay down a lot.




let's recap..



1. kim is moving in with tom sizemore



2. kyle cries 



bc the meth is burning her eyes..



3. taylor nominates herself for a "women in business" award..

and loses yaaaay!!!!


4. lisa's not invited..



5. kyle's house went from the back room at cost plus world market to the back room at rachel ashwell.

either that or she raided lisa's basement...



 6. lisa has a princess tea party for tv purposes just for fun!!


 taylor speaks her mind..


all over the place..



she calls it "speaking the truth"

i call it "straight trippin"



also today is fiona's school thanksgiving feast.

we are bringing chik-fil-a.