real hippie mom shit

it's monday again.


time for home remedies that work.


i am old which means i have been using these remedies for a spell <----(old people talk)

and they work.

every time.



it's pink eye season.

the little ones always bring that shit home.

but save yourself a trip to the doctor and a useless round of antibiotics that only serves to bring that shit back again and again.

instead use my hippie home remedy...


eyebright tea!

you can order it here and here.


you could use tea bags i suppose but i have always used the loose variety.

here's what you do...


begin to boil some water in a kettle.

put 1 tablespoon of eyebright into a teapot or something that it can steep in (a large coffee mug will do).

once water is almost to the boil (not rolling)

pour 1 cup over the herb.

cover the teapot/mug so it can steep, for 5-10 minutes.

strain into a jar or something with a tight fitting lid (not plastic).

let it cool a bit and then stick in the fridge.

once it has cooled considerably

dip a cotton ball in the tincture and squeeze excess liquid into the pink eye victim's eye.

i do this twice a day or more depending on the severity of the pink eye.

always before bed.

tip: i find letting them do it themselves is much more successful.

just stick around to see that they get the liquid in their eye.

then offer a towel to wipe up the drips.

do this every day until the pink eye is gone.

and it will be.





tummy troubles.

low energy.



food poisoning.

toxin removal.

all of these can be alleviated with the use of 

umeboshi plums.


while they taste like a goat's taint,

they really do work.


they've been around for thousands of years and are used much the same way an aspirin is used.


for low energy i brew some kukicha twig tea and drop 1 whole plum in the bottom

let steep for 5 minutes, drink the tea and then eat the plum's flesh and suck on the seed for about 10 minutes.

letting it sit in the tea helps to dilute the plum's extremely salty taste.


for nausea, overeating, hangover etc..

i nibble on 1 plum a little bit at a time.

and then suck on the seed once it's gone.

if you find you can't do this bc they are too strong, just stick to the tea method.


the plums, while very acidic going down are extremely alkaline once inside your body. 


they are not cheap, like 15$ for the box.

but they last a long time.

i use this kind:

available at whole foods.





the best sore throat remedy i've ever come across:

apple cider vinegar.


it has to be this kind though,

the kind "with the mother"-

that floaty loogie looking shit at the bottom.


gargle with this 4 times a day.


it's also good dropped into the ears for earaches.



that's some real hippie mon shit ya'll.


believe in it.


and don't you go dyin' on me!!