craigslist things worth considering..****updates.

 haven't done one of these in a while..


atlanta representin'..

vintage burl wood table- $195

this is quite unique and pretty.



upholstered king headboard- $50

can't beat that price.

spend more on fabric. yes.



marble and wood console table- $225

if i had $225 i would buy the fart out of this table and paint it white white white

then throw my bar dreams together on top of it.



dining set- $90

that is just a great price for a whole lot of awesome.



pair of asian embroideries- $65

these are also awesome.



bamboo hutch- $150

this is waiting for just about any color paint.

i would go with glossy black and some brass or faux horn hardware.



pair of vintage faux bamboo tables- $250

if these were $150 i would be all up in them.



as always..

i will craig up your craig should you need some awesome shit.



super sparkles,