turkey talk and a beautiful house..

 what's up fatties?

i successfully managed to eat an entire plate of food without feeling sick to my stomach.

(yes, a month later i am still experiencing stomach issues bc of that ding dang virus)

i also managed to drink 3 glasses of wine.

which made me feel like i was going to fall down at one point.


then unfortunately when i got ready for bed i thought i was going to puke for sure.

i am 100% positive though that this was bc of the wine/whipped cream whirlpool bath that was going on in my belly.

i took some baking soda in water and it soothed the beast.


how was your thankful day?

tell me a funny story.


meanwhile let's talk about how i would totally eat aerin lauder's fortune cookie (that's what he said) for a freaky friday type experience where i got to live her life..

i mean seriously.

how many houses does she have?

the city flat, the ski chalet, and the country house?

plus she's a stone cold fox!


i'll take the country house..

















re: AHS recap.

i watched it.

still stying to process it.

it covered 2 of my biggest life fears.

we will discuss it tomorrow.


hot ass pokers,