hippie tuesday

today we are here to talk about stuff that is sure to cause a few of you to do some serious eye rolling.

while the majority of you are obviously going to the store for provisions right after you read this post..

at least 2% of you have already done it and will come correct with your stories and experiences.


i'm talking about oil pulling, friends!



basically oil pulling has been around for a lot of years,

and was invented by an ayruvedic healer doctor..

probably one of these guys..

it's supposed to make your teeth whiter, your skin glowy-er, your hair shinier and your energy peppier.


but it also cures things like:



tooth pain


(musical instruments?)



intestinal disease

(too much pooping? never!!)

heart and kidney disease


(isn't that what robert deniro had in that movie where they could catch the ball while they were sleeeping?)

women's diseases 



growth of malignant tumors

chronic blood diseases


nerve diseases

stomach diseases

lung diseases

liver diseases

toxins that are caused by taking prescription drugs


that's a lot of stuff.


i'm not saying that it is going to cure your cancer.

but i say it's worth a shot.


this is how it works:


the idea is that you swish some oil in your mouth for 15-20 minutes every morning on an

empty stomach.

over the course of the 15-20 minutes your saliva starts to dump or "pull" the toxins into the oil thus removing them from your body.  or something like that. 


sounds fucking ridiculous, i know.


but lots of people over lots of years have sworn by the positive results.


i suppose it's no different than going on a juice fast.

or sucking years of poop out of your intestines with a hose.

or sweatin' to the oldies.

or going vegan.


all forms of detox.


i am on day 2.

and i have to say that after day 1 i was bouncing off the walls by lunch time.

though i have had more mucous all up in my throat and stuff..

this is the most common side effect i have read about.


i have also read that you can see a worsening of symptoms

before you see long term results.

but the opposite is true too. 

in other words, some have nasty detox reactions and some don't.


i will be taking it slowly.  

i intend to do 2 days on, 1 day off.

and i will only do once a day, though it says you can do it 3x's a day if you want quicker results.

i think this thinking is wrong.

but that's just me.

detoxing can be really bad if you don't do it gently.



there is more information here.


 mike is doing it too.


oil verps,