thanksgiving at grandma's..

 but what if this was your grandma's house...

painted yellow floors.

giant architectual salvage pieces.

handblown glass chandelier.

not a doily in sight.



 it belongs to liza sherman, NY septuagenarian antiquarian...

she's pretty badass.


i love the way she painted out the windows to look like some kind of window treatment.

how cool is that?

you could totally steal that idea.



the house overall is not at all my taste..

it looks like the most uncomfortable house in the history of houses...

and frankly there's just too much shit..


like a junk shop, with a lot of cool junk.

or like one big art installation.



don't get me wrong, there are elements inside that i would gladly carry over into my house..

like those chairs for one...

and that turtle painting up there.



even her bed looks hard.


lord have mercy i'll take that bench too.



i give it 2 1/2 out of 4 station wagons to grandma's house..






read the article here.