some things to think about..

working on a slight zshushing of the bedroom..



this of course stemmed from the fact that i desperately need new sheets.

i already have a great big coral puffy quilt and i love lavender with BAM!

lavender sheets.

already have the lamps, just need new shades.

window shades are being made as we speak.

just need a brass headboard and a 5,000 dollar rug

and i'm all set.


i would NEVER buy a 5000 dollar rug bc i have 4 cats and they will pee all over it 1000 times.

anyone know of a rug that is exactly like this but pee resistant?




this show melts my face off...

so fucking INSPIRED!!!


it was nice to finally hear the "cocktail" of pills kim has been taking.

i love it when people who use drugs that are prescribed by doctors seem to think they are not using drugs somehow and that it's ok.

we aren't talking 1 antidepressant here folks.  

so don't get your panties all ruffled.

this bitch is toxic.


 basically she is a legal junkie.


new light was shed on paul for me this week.

how he puts up with that passive aggressive bitch adrienne is beyond me.

i hope he has a side piece.



slowly but surely.



if you haven't read it already,

please read this..

because it's awesome. 



seances are the new BBQ's.