not that david hicks..

 that english interior designer is dead you see.

this is another interior designer named david hicks (weird).

this one is from australia.

good for you if you already knew about him

i saw this particular house in belle magazine.

and was all..."that's really pretty".  (quotes mean business)

then i saw a picture of it on this new blog  and was all..."hey that's that place in belle magazine".

so i went here and saw a lot of pretty interiors...look..

i really want to place my bare feet on that rug.



ok, i know that that sofa isn't for everyone.

in fact it's not really for me...but it looks like a proper sofa for entertaining.

cuz a.) it looks mad comfy  and b.) it seats a lot of people.

it's kind of like a hairless cat.

so ugly it's cute. 






pretty convinced that mirror is a worm hole.

but it sure is goodlooking with the gray walls and charcoal velvet chair.

way to go australian david hicks.