i feel we need to discuss this....


my thoughts:

a cover we have already seen?

(love it though i do)

so does it matter?


if it hadn't been for the rehashed HB rooms in the pink section i'd have thought i was looking at country living.

though i loved this room:

but i hated the rest of this house.

i think it's weird when there is only 1 color (in this case red) throughout a house like it's a theme or something.

my brain does not understand this madness.


ruthie sommers's place is getting raves from all the blogger ladies.

myself included.

i love this room so much.

it made tiny hearts come out of my eyes.

those little bolsters are working me over.


opposite of the aforementioned all red and white house,

this house's color spectrum was all over the place.


also i will be buying these for every lamp in my house:


what in the hell are your thoughts?