just doin more work

  here is my client's existing living room:

a very large space..

amazing wainscoting!

with 3 actual seating areas.

this first area we call the main seating area as it is where the family watches TV..

the far end there with the bookcases is another area.

and then where the photograph is being taken from is another area.



the client LOVED the recent house beautiful cover..

the one with the pink windsor smith room:

so i used it strongly as inspiration.

she really wanted the pink walls but maybe needed a little push.

since she has so little wall space, most of it being white 3/4 wainscoting i told her she needed to go for it.

men love pink, right newell?




here is what i came up with for the main seating area:



2 smallish slipper chairs in yellowy orange and soft pink.

plenty of ethnic pieces..

suzani pillows, moroccan table..

keepin it modern and real with a little tulip side table.

client recently purchased a similar bamboo coffee table from the craig.

client will paint fireplace bricks white if she knows what's good for her.

change out sconces to sumthin a little more shiny and petite..

since the ceilings are so low there isn't enough room for a dangly chandy

but i felt bling was necessary..

that little flush mounted number provides needed bling without compromising headroom.




next up is the small window area you see in the background of pic #2:

existing bookcases painted black with these handles:


bamboo desk from craigslist.

awesome cool lamp found by yours truly on craig.


it was a record craigs buying transaction.


it went like this:

me: you need to get this lamp.

client: ok. that's right down the street.

20 minutes later

client: done

me: amazing


look up close..

it's so cute i can't stand it.


also in this area- a leather and brass chair for a masculine sexy touch.

and the inlaid mother of pearl mirror from wisteria.

there are flowery bits in it just like the lamp and the black in the mirror/chair/bookcases

ties everything together in a way that is awesome and smart.


the 3rd and final area is another seating area..

there is a large picture window that needs some action...

here is what i came up with..


a camel back settee found on craig.

upholstered in blue les indiennes.

with suzani pillows found on ebay.

client's own tufted ottoman craigslist score in pink.

brass floor lamp.

simple club chair upholstered in a yellow chevron.

client will paint banister glossy black if she knows what's good for her.

client's own carved buffet topped with glass lamps.


you want help?

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