i miss paint fumes

 i haven't painted anything since early fall. 

i'm ready.

this weekend is 'posed to be warm.

see these french doors..

i'm gonna do it to my french doors.

i think it will be dumb.


i also need to see a man about some upholstery..

these chairs:

(shut it about the flash newell..it's just for science)

are going to be outfitted in lavender velvet..


there are going to be new pillows afoot as well..

a few in rust velvet like these:


and these:



and these:

only imagine them now against the lavender velvet..

maybe with a little of this somewhere..

heartbreakingly good.


that door painting is going to be a motherfarting pain in my butthole.

but it will be so major awesome.

i don't know why i didn't think of it before.



watch this at least 10 times:

found via meares.