some of you'ns asked me where i found such a rich, saturated quality velvet..

well, it's schumacher.

the good news is it's discounted.

the bad news is it's still 105 dollars a yard.


if you haven't been to inside fabric dot com you need to cuz there's a lot of amazing fabric at a discounted rate.



the schumacher velvets come in every color under the sun.

the velvet page reads like a paint deck.

speaking of paint decks.

nicole at sketch 42 tells me that i need to use plain black on my french doors bc

anything else will look like poopstains (my words).  

(she said something about "dirty denim" but all i heard was "poopstain")

newell turner tells me i need to use high gloss.

i was going to anyway but it's fun to say outloud to the universe that newell turner gives me advice.


ok...back to the velvets.

look at some of the colors..








mmmmm.....couldn't you just die??!

go here to see all the colors.