anne hathaway don't need no james franco.

anne hathaway = tallest tree in the world.

when oprah speaks i cry.  for no reason. 

billy crystal is now asian.

RDJ and jude law are dating and i am ok with it...

big time.

melissa leo is the most annoying person on the face of the earth.

if the gooper sings one more time i will eat my own face.

christian bale owns one suit, shirt and tie.

the fashion overall was boring and too simple/plain.





lace daisies?

messy bob?

fuck you.


great dress but she lost points for shoving her areola in my face.



the pope wants his outfit back.






creature feature.




my favorites:

i was screaming "best dressed" at the tv, but here..

in this pic...not so much.

the hair was fabulosity.



she looks awesome.


so awesome, i GOT my period.




no one comes close to possesing the ability to wear a number like this.

the only person who took a risk.

and she looks beautiful.


i know the dress is a little weird...what with the giant cut out circle and space commander sleeves..

but i think she pulled it off..

i mean the hair???

it's darling! and i never use the word darling.

she looks like an elfin princess on a spaceship.

that is my highest compliment.



i asked everyone in the room if i could wear this hair cut and not look like a soccer mom.

there was a resounding yes...but i think they are lying.


also..soooo happy the king's speech won.


spill it.