what i am currently thinking


the sky may as well be pissing acid.

rain times infiniti does not help when you have the sads.


i know i said things would be quiet around here for a while but in 1982 i also told everyone that i was invited to princess diana's wedding. 

oh, i'm still sad and everything but there's just only so much melancholy i can take before i start getting stabby and over myself.


this helped put a much needed smile on my face:

the march issue of veranda takes top honors so far in the shelter mag race..

(minus the creepy frogs)


losing said race is this one:

sorry michael boodro, this issue was a huge let down for me..

even the prettiest of interiors in this issue were styled all fucked up and it all just seemed so..



also helping in the smiles department around here is 2 yards of gray fox velvet from one kings lane:




interior design is my therapist.