formula for success

i have been sick since saturday.

probs the flu.

sore throat, headache, runny nose, aches and pains, 101 fever, blah blah blah..

the kind of flu that means you are stuck in bed without the strength to do anything.

that inlcudes little strength to eat which equals skinny- SUCCESS!!

but it also means surfing the interwebs for pictures of jlo's and kim kardashian's butts (obsessed), blog reading,

and watching shows that i normally don't have the time to watch..

such as:

this show is so awesome.

it's on PBS so watching it makes you smart.



 i know what some of you are thinking..


you: a new show?  i already watch 6,000 shows i just don't have time for another one.

me: yes you do. it's better than all those other shows anyway.

you: even the bachelor?!?!!!

me: yes. especially better than the bachelor. 

you: but it's british, it will be all dry and boring and so predictable.  

me: see that's where you are most wrong.  i thought the same thing. i thought i would just be watching it for the gorgeous english countryside scenery, the costumes and the interiors.  but it turns out that the characters are so richly drawn, the performances pitch perfect, the story so engaging and NOT predictable that after one episode i was hooked.  and all those things i thought i was watching it for became highly secondary.  

you: hmmm...well...when is it on?

me: see, that's where you blew it.  it isn't on the telly (i am british now) anymore, we missed it.  i watched it from the comforts of my big bed on  

you: i can't do that bc i don't have a lap top or a big bed.

me: are you fucking with me?

you: no. 

me: ok, well then you need to buy the dvd

you: i can't i don't have any money.

me: it's only 16 dollars for the dvd of the first season...

you: yeah..i think i can save up.

me: that.

and scene.

not boring. funny and interesting.


rich, layered characters in edwardian (that's early 1900's) england. 


gorgeous scenery centered around highclere castle.


smart bachelorettes not in bikinis.


here is a clip:


the good news is you can catch up bc there are only 4 episodes.

the bad news is there is no second season.

the good news is they are filming the second season right now.


please watch. you will love it.


moving on to another show that is equally as awesome but in an oh so different way...

this one needs little explanation, so i'll just show you a clip:


an idiot abroad.

i promise there is no funnier show on tv right now.

click here for local listings.


so there you have it.

my formula for sick-cess.

awesome shows to pass the time and help you forget how rotten you feel.