pulitzer (or peeewlitzer) and how i am exactly like gwyneth now...

if someone had told me that one day i would write a book i would have laughed like they didn't know me at all and said..."nooo...OSCAR!!  i will write an oscar!  i mean WIN...WIN an oscar!!  

and while i still old out hope that one day i will win an oscar...i had to accept that it would more than likely be  a pity oscar, like when they gave it to gloria stuart for titanic..

where am i?



first of all i don't fancy myself much of a writer..

i am more of a truth teller who uses bad grammar and stuff.




a legit literary agent contacted me about all things book writing.

we had emails and we had phone talks.

the big question was..

"how do we corral your candor and pure awesome magic and power into a book about design and stuff?"

(my words)





i mean if someone asks you if you want to write a book,  you kinda don't say no..

even though in your mind you are thinking "write a book???!!

i don't even know how to spell mccaunnaghey (does anyone though?)..how can i possibly write a book?!!?


but then i thought, i'll bet this is exactly what gwyneth thought when someone asked her to become cuntry strong!!


if gwyneth can record an album, MFAMB can write a book!


but what book?

well, that's where you come in.


what should i write a book about?

and don't say farting...

(please say farting).


disclaimer: i cannot promise that i will use your idea.

and i also promise i will not give you credit for using your idea if i use your idea.