rue came out yesterday let's talk about it..




there were plenty of oddball photo shoots..


including but not limited to..


a juvenile looking bed party..



a foodless desert dinner party...


and the ubiquitous hipster feet shots..




also kelly hoppen told me i should be interested in a yoga mat and a sweatshirt..among other things..


and the interiors..


see for yourself..


i just don't care about this shit anymore.

globes and etsy art?

this is cutting edge decor?


empty frames on a chalkboard wall?

i mean i get that it's for the kids..and it's cute in your house that i never have to come to...

but i don't want it featured in my shelter publications..

i need inspiration.

this is not inspiring me.

and i bet if you read this blog it's not inspiring you either.




christina strutt's place was charming enough..

 i never met a cozy english cottage i didn't love..

and points for the puppy in the basket- (put the lotion in the basket)

but it was all kind of a mess.

like a visit to your grandma's house where shit hasn't been thrown away in 40 years.



 but bailey's place was delightful:

for those of you that don't know bailey she writes a very cute and funny blog called, peppermint bliss.

and her house in this issue of rue was far and away the highlight.

a glittering golden nugget in a sea of turds.

she is self taught, hugely talented and her personality comes through big time in her space.


she is also pregs and a few months ago asked me to conjure up a magical baby room for her little girl to be.

you should go look at it if you want to look at something cute..


as for rue...

i am impressed by the rue girls' tenacity and their willingness to put it out there and take a risk and follow their dreams.

but this issue screamed amateur to me. and it also felt like it was geared toward a MUCH younger, less sophisticated audience.


what did you all think?