miles redd for house beautiful..

delicious and crazy.


"painted faux horn bedposts and cream silk satin"




i loved this dining room with it's bright white walls and coral, rosey gold and lavender accents...


so lovely and simple and happy and serene..


i love this bedroom too:

juicy and creamy.

like a creamsicle!






elle decor:

i want that striped chair with every fiber of my being.



inlaid ethnicity mixed with geometric badassness= cool.

i still aim to paint that floor pattern on a piece of furniture someday.

or a floor.

or my face.



a pool, shaded comfort, a bar at arms reach..

bitch please.



do any of you watch army wives?

i have an audition for it today.

the part is funny.

or at least my interpretation of it is.


check it easy! (check you later + take it easy)