this post is bullshit

i would say the biggest down side of having a child is that they bring home a LOT of germs.

germs that you can't escape.

even if all you eat is organic shit and steer clear of sugar and other immunosuppressant foods.


because of this i have my 2nd cold in 2 months.

it's not the worst cold..

but it has stopped me from doing my tracy anderson workouts.

i hate stopping my workouts!!

when i am on a roll and focused NOTHING can stop me.

i'm like a fucking bullet train.


part of me says F this and wants to power thru this sore throat and runny nose.

but this isn't yoga so..

when i say power thru i mean sweat pouring non stop jumping for 30 minutes straight barely able to breathe vomit face power.


i ask you you power thru a cold and workout as if to say FUCK YOU COLD... WINNING!!!

or do you get in bed and drink tea and sleep and cry til it goes away?

 i don't have the flu or anything so it's not like dying.

but i feel pretty shitty.


see? see how weak and pathetic i am?



also look how cool this house is:

those are glittery black mosaic tiles.