i got nuthin...

i realize that lately all i provide for you are mood boards.

my mood boards.

and you may hate them.

or love them.

but that's really beside the point.

the point is i am super busy being decorator-ish.

i have no time here recently to plan exciting and funny blog posts for you.

my days are really spent working for (hold your vomit please) clients and eating entire sleeves of girl scout cookies.

yes, clients.  yes, entire sleeves.

i's a decorator now. 

at least people are paying me to make their houses prettier, or uglier depending on who you ask.


so without further adieu..

i give you:

"cozy, sexy, glam, warm, sparkly"

(at least that's what was asked of me)

main sitting area..

back wall area, just beyond the chairs is the kitchen..which is why there is nothing on the wall.

paint color is client's existing color.


adjacent to sitting area is a gallery wall/ hall:

 so this wall/view is to the right of the sofa on the right.

there is an actual gallery (most people call it a hallway) separating the main sitting area and this little area.


still to come in this space is the fireplace wall.

and about a million more mood boards.


working girl farts,