a job well done

and what i mean by that is that i made someone very happy with my decoratory skills.


my client in arkansas was a *dream client.

she knew exactly what she wanted;

"cozy, sexy, glam, warm, sparkly".



we looked at inspiration pics.

talked back and forth via email. 

told knock knock jokes and exchanged recipes.

(not really, but i am totally ok with that)

i conceptualized the room.  



which became this:


and this:



and the other side of the room- this:


now it's up to her to put it all together.

her house was gorgeous to begin with, it just needed a little flavuh.

that, my friends, is what e-decorating is all about.

and if you want to be a part of this 21st century phenomenon,

email me.



*you don't have to know exactly what you want to do this.

i am here to help guide your inner decorator.  we will acheive awesomeness together.

pinkie swear.