rooms that are doing it for me


there's fur, shiny, tufting,!


(sheryl crow's hizzy)

i have a soft spot for spanish california there's sisal and tufting.

good antiques.  

even if you hate roadkill on the wall you have to admit it works in this environment.

speaking of,  is that a deer with crazy antlers or is a dead snake draped over it?



just fantastic.

mixing it up in the dining room is my favorite. 


fresh and pretty.



this room is like a symphony to me.

presumably not easy to put together without it looking like a store display..

but not for bunny williams!



a 2 run homer for bunny williams.

such style.



not a room but doing it for me nontheless.






soft and pretty.

how do we feel about those window treatments?

cool or helmets for windows?



enjoy yourselves today.