yesterday was weird but today is weirder


(my happy place)


it's almost like it never happened.

i worked my tail off for a client, hours on the computer, seeking out pretty things and cutting and slicing and layering..basic mood boarding.

then i was faced with client sticker shock.

estimates went over by a lot.


i am learning valuable lessons left and right.



i took a break from work to watch some real housewives of new york while i ate a fish taco.



alex is a model and works from a bunker..


ramona is a winemaker and i am so buying some...



the new housewife owns beaver shaving stores..



sonja is having sex with a seriously hot younger dude...


luann is having sex with david schwimmer:


and alex is still awkward:



and jill is crazy:



have a safe and happy weekend.


ramona's pinot grigio farts,