i like to wear the same outfit during the day that i slept in at night..and still look cute

what's that you say?



very possible.

with kokoon brand clothes.

ok maybe i wouldn't necessarily sleep in this dress but i COULD!

bc it's poly spandex and that shit don't wrinkle.


the fine folks at kokoon

GAVE me that dress!

and it is not only comfortable but it fits perfect, makes 'the girls' look normal size  (instead of old porn star size)

and looks supercute.


wearing this dress is like wearing a t shirt and sweatpants (my staple) only it keeps you from looking like an asshole.  



in addition to the dress i was also gifted these flared leggings...or as they're called..

Peggy Fleggings:

best pants ever.

there is a really wide band around the waist that is a GREAT gut minimizer.

i don't have to tell you how comfy they are..just LOOK AT THEM!!!

so i can have all the comfort of my favorite grease-stained sweatpants without looking like britney spears circa 2008.


more cute items abound..

my picks:

(umm...they gave me this one too.  are u jealous yet)






(big ups for calling this color 'smoke monster')




the bottom line is if someone gives you free shit you talk about it on your blog.

cuz that's a nice thing to do.



i am not even kidding when i say how awesome these pieces are.

so soft, so comfy, reasonably priced, hard wearing and CUTE!

i would call this the perfect day wear.

(and sleep wear)

for reals.


kokoon people.


K O K O O N.