speaking of diarrhea'ing on your legs....and princess food..

 i wonder how many pairs of undwear she went though this morning..

can you even imagine being her right now???!!!

i have not seen anything yet bc i was sleeping.

but it's all DVR'd so i will sit down in a bit once fiona is off to school and fast forward through all the boring shit.....dress....boring shit.....vows/boring shit.....wave to her people....boring shit...end. 



in honor of a reg granola type girl becomming a princess lets 

 start the day right with some delicious, delicious nutvomit..



around lunchtime let's eat this...


and then follow that up with a trough full of this..



come back later for i have something awesome to show you..


tiara farts,

food images (and recipes) via what katie ate