my friends your support is needed..

imagine you are not rich but your baby needs a 3402385928359billion dollar surgery.

ok, that's a fake amount but it may as well be that amount.

and you have insurance but it only covers a little over half of it.

which would be great if the surgery was like, 1000 dollars.

but this is head surgery and that is probably the most expensive surgery bc you are dealing with your noggin.

only in this case it's a baby's noggin which is probably the scariest thing a mommy could ever have to go through, in addition to being the biggest expense a family could endure- yet you have no choice BUT to endure it.


seriously, stop and think about it.

so you are faced with what to do and how you are going to afford this surgery, 

you have to ask for help.

and that is HARD.


sarah greenman of la maison boheme blog is the mommy that is scared and worried and sick in her stomach bc her tiny baby has to have head surgery, not you.  so thank your lucky stars and then help this family pay for this scary but expensive surgery.



for the details about charlie's surgery, including a video of the doctor who helps explain it go HERE.


to donate directly bc you don't need to know the facts, when you hear "baby-head-surgery" you just jump on that shit and help, go HERE


thank you.

every amount helps.


love and baby smell,