the brains behind the operation

i think before i post more of my work i must explain shit to a few assfaces out there..

some of you think i just put the most expensive shit in my mood boards and call myself decorator.

while in a sense part of that is true, mostly what i put in the original mood board is a similar looking stand-in for existing furniture, paint, rugs etc.. that the client already has.


i am extremely awesome and know how to combine high and low to such effect that none of you can tell which is which..


a piece is there to represent what "we" are looking for..

once a client "signs off" on a look then i search for the most affordable options of those pieces.

sometimes for mood board sake i use 1stdibs bc it is easy to manipulate the image since it's on a white background.

in other words it's easier to float an image that's on a white background onto a spreadsheet type document than it is to float an image from craigslist..(i don't use photoshop and have a limited understanding of what i DO use)

and you must remember that 99.9% of my clients are E clients so i have to find this shit for them online!

usually my clients take my ideas and either buy directly what i tell them to or find the more affordable options themselves. 

think of it like this..

you see an outfit in vogue that you love but it's a zillion dollars..

so you take the magazine to the mall and find similar items and sometimes even exact replicas for way less and you essentially have the high end look for less. 


that said sometimes my clients want the real deal and hold out for it.

i think you should do a little bit of both.

find more affordable versions for the trendier pieces and hold out for the real deal on the more classic pieces.

or search craigslist, ebay, local thrift stores etc.. for the classics and/or antiques.

for my local clients i scout stuff for them when i am out and about..

but for clients that i can't be near i always encourage them to do that for themselves.




local client.

we want antique commodes like the ones above.

the ones in this board are like 10g's so duh we won't be using them but they were facing straight, on a white background and that is the criteria i need for mood board magic. 

now, i will scout and the client will scout to find something similar around town.


the rug:

as everyone knows moroccan maryam has great, affordable ourain rugs.

and i have seen one in person!

although if you have an extra 6,000 for a rug i'd say go vintage!

they are unbelievably unique and interesting.


the sisal in the image is the clients own carpet.



as for the rest-

well trust me when i say it's all affordable and if you would like the sources please email me personally.


now the other side of this same room:

the sofa is a stand-in for the client's existing sofa. 

it is very similar to this one.

the table on the left is a stand-in for the client's existing side table,

again it's almost an exact replica.

everything is available online, in both high end

and affordable versions.

in fact i dare say almost everything that you could ever want for your home is available in both high end and more affordable versions.


so that's basically how i do what i do.

surely some asshole will read 3 words of this post and still claim i am putting ridiculously expensive shit in my mood boards and calling myself a decorator.


but for everyone else who DID read this post,

i hope i was able to shed a little light on my MB's and how they come to be.


keep calm and fart on,