let's talk about it...

 the other day our friend nelya posted this amazing house tour...

i can't get it out of my mind.

specifcally the kitchen...


it's art i tell you.

like a painting by a dutch master.

i would pay money to tour this house.

i want to feel that oxidized brass counter top...

are you kidding me??

who does that??

awesome people that's who.

i want to sift throught those antique cabinets in the back.

what? is there a fridge in there too?!!

fuck that's good.

the cook top is down by all those fruits in bowls.

no invasive pendants or pot lights.

just a pretty glow emanating from the top of the wall of cabinets..

there is just such an artful perfect mix of modern, antique,  contemporary, sleek and beat up..

masculine and feminine.

heavy on the masculine.

i want to tiptap my shoes across that floor

and ohhhhhh that chandelier.


the rest of the house too please..



the house is obviously very old but they somehow made it look super modern without compromising any of the original splendor..

i love how you can't really tell where the ceiling begins..

could be just lighting but still..it makes the room seem so airy.. 



and i LOVE LOVE LOVE that they painted a "baseboard" on the wall.


it's all just so serene and calm and beautiful.

what are your thoughts on it?


see more here.