affordable shit- MFAMB approved!


shit i feel is worthy of your money:


i have made so far:

no fry fries (a lot of effort for not much reward. my way is better)

sauteed greens with onions and soy sauce (have made this twice and it's delicious)

chicken and dumplings (very easy and delicious if a little too salty.  but that i am sure was my fault bc i use a concentrated chicken stock.)

roast chicken, rotisserie style (very good. follow the directions to a T. i will be making my roast chickens this way from now on)

chicken milanese with tomato and avocado salad (meh. if you're new to cooking this might impress your college friends. otherwise it's just pounded and breaded chicken.  it's a quick dinner though.)

penne puttanesca (easy and delicious)

there are a lot more in there i am excited to try like the duck ragu and the healthier brownies..

the overall verdict is positive. 





ezekial brand cinnamon raisin english muffins.

super delcious dripping with MELTED butter (key to perfection).

they are also high in protein so i don't feel hungry an hour after i eat them.





smoked paprika is awesome.

way better than plain.

add it to everything.





cute, real bamboo frames!!





also cute:

pottery barn classic rattan bedside table- $199

so summery and simple and cute.

you could be that much closer to your beach house dreams:




and lastly:

shit from lands end! (huunh??)

like that throw.



and this throw:



and these sheets:

$149 for a king


and these rugs:




and this bedding:

$119 for a king


and this bedding:

which somehow reminded me of this:



and for sure this:


so i got crazy and did budget friendly versions of each room:

bedding: lands end (duh)

paint: MS home-D enamelware

headboard: urban outfitters

mirror: wisteria 

kilim pillow: sukan etsy

palm tree photo: all posters

the other one: etsy or etsy

table: pier 1

lamp: one kings lane (hurry!)

chair: ballard

kilim: ebay




paint: benjamin moore studio finishes chalkboard paint

bedding: duh

sconce: *the one in the image is cb2 but they took it off their website as of yesterday!

so this one will work too: west elm (though it isn't as cheap as the cb2 one)

oil painting: ebay or your local consignment shop/thrift store/craigslist

rug: ikea

cloche: jayson

candlestick: lavender fields

coral hardware: marjorie skouras