what just happened?

 rue came out and i was excited and then i looked at it and then i think i blacked out and then i am sure i hit my head on something hard and then i had a seizure and then i caught the snitch.  and i looked in the mirror and i had a tribal tattoo on my face. 

and then i started crying.


i do not understand this at all...


1. this isn't serious. is it?

2.  what are we looking at here?


does anyone have anything to say cuz i am really scratching my head here.

i don't even think i can think of anything funny to say..

other than..

2 turds walk into an apartment and design the shit into it.




but the whooooole issue was the weirdness..


i don't understand any of it really...

dorm curtains?

i mean is that the prettiest angle in the room?

the light fixture looks like a car part.


and this...

it's just the weirdest angle ever!!!

this whole issue was full of odd choices and photo angles.

this can't be the prettiest part of this room.


it just seems like someone is smoking weed and then editing this magazine.



i vaguely understood this..

but only marginally.





images via ruemag