working it out

my client wanted her kitchen eating area re-decorated.

new table, new chairs, new console, new rug..

nothing major, just zshushing.

however, the walls were to remain greige, and the goal was to work with the existing chandelier.

a rusty, iron chandelier with wooden beads.

the come to jesus meeting was for cozy, modern and glam.


most of you would agree that a rusty iron chandelier and greige walls don't equal cozy, modern, or glam.


so here's what i figured..

classic chandelier?

modern AND classic table.

then blur it all up with modern lines on classic chairs.

keep everything monochromatic for modern and cozy purposes..

add a sexy, gold metallic cowhide and you have a little cozy, a little modern and a little glam.


over to the console side of the situation..

i was really pushing for this:

in fact i was a little high on it..

super GLAM!


but the client talked me down a little..

saying that she felt it was a little too fancypants for her cozy kitchen nook..

could we see the console with different lamps?


i assured her that it was better to go full throttle and then pull back than the other way around..

(pulled that one out of my ass i did- but it's essentially true)


so i showed her this:

she loves it!


she wants to see maybe a parsons style conosle in place of the mirrored chevron buffet.

oh but i cried a little.

i want her to have this magic piece of furniture.

i said, but a parsons console will offer no storage!

she said she truly didn't need storage, just a place to drop her keys and shit.



in comes the black, lacquered grasscloth console:

and ultimately her favorite.


everyone wins!


here's a look at all the elements together:


and that's how you work shit out.



peace out billy bob!