happy mothers day..

 thank you for birthing me..

i know how hard that shit was...

i also know you bled out your V for hours..

lots of blood that you had to go into the emergency room for and get it all stopped up or you would have died..

sorry about that.

i come with power and force. 

being a mom to a girl is hard.

i sometimes laugh at mom's who have boys.

it's different.

even the love is different.

it's hard to explain...

and i do know that raising boys has it's own share of difficulty and impossiblity..



the hardest.

fo sho.


so, sorry for being a pain in the ass.





and disrespectful.


you should know that i get it in return 10 fold.

(this is her nice face)


happy mother's day mom.

i sure do love you.

thanks for all that you have given and given up for me.


and to all my mommy readers out there- happy mother's day to you too.

i hope your kids are nice to you today,

bc that's really all we want at the end of the day.