lick it up seattle!

 seattle wins in the lighting department.

but overall lot's of good shit.

you need to do some serious haggling though.

some of these seattle sellers are whack with their pricing.



cheap brass coffee table- $10

the glass is chipped but easily replaced.

it looks shiny though!! 



perfectly patinead copper lamp- $135 



brass and glass dining table- $189 



 2 very awesome chairs- $249

new upholstery? i guess so.

but i kinda like 'em as is!



dresser/buffet/media cabinet- $250 

he is crying for some glossy paint.

white i think.

he's too big for black.

perhaps persimmon. 





lucite and chrome lamp- $150

kinda looks like a vaccuum.

maybe someone out there has been looking for one of these things forever.

how am i to really know? 



 terzani sconces -$195 ea. or $585 for 3

that is a motherfucking steal!!





9 x 12 oriental rug- $395 

this thing is old and therefore not worth the 395 but it is so pretty.

the colors are lovely.

i would offer super low bc you would need to have it cleaned.

the cleaning alone would prolly cost you 100 bucks or more.

ask if it's all wool or a wool/silk blend.

if there is silk involved it just became more awesome.



 brass coffee table- $65

i've said it before and i'll say it again..

these square shaped brass coffee tables are hard to come by on CL.



arc floor lamp- $185 



moroccan-y mirror- $75 


little asian side table cabinet thing- $250 





lacquer console table- $150 




rattan parsons table- $265 

oh man this is good.



dining room set - the set is $550

i'm sure they'll break the set up.

this buffet has a marble top.

it's beautiful. 


 hand carved table- $225



good chairs- $100 



walnut coffee table- $150

very cool shape.

it also has a drawer.

for your weed. 



 nesting tables- $60


cute pendant- $100 

supercute in a child's room or bath..



sexy midcentury lamps- $40 



 awesome rope lamp- $50



blanc de chine lamp- $50 

these lamp prices are crazy good.

that is one cute lamp.


cute little regency chairs- $120 



asian style sofa and chair- $450 



lane end tables- $145 




5 x 7 persian wool rug- $150


happy monday!


go buy some shit!