motherfucking squarespace!

i just spent the better part of 3 hours working on a recap of million dollar decorators



and that shit is gone forever bc when you use SQUARESPACE

like i do

your session times out like if you were on a banking site.


which SQUARESPACE is not.

it's a blog writing site

where people write.


and clearly if you write TOO MUCH

FARTSPACE basically says "fuck you and your words. we are fucking out of here!"


so yes, i should have saved it as i went but when i am on a role with funny words and naked pictures of ross and jam and drawing spears through joe francis' head i don't HAVE THE MOTHERFUCKING TIME TO BACK THAT SHIT UP!

but the world loses bc now no one will be able to read my dumb recap of this dumb show!

and if you say..

"well MFAMB why don't you just show us your funny pictures?"

 then SQUARESPACE wins don't they!??

but see if you are mad enough at SHITSPACE and write them angry letters and refuse to EVER start a blogging relationship with them then MAYBE they will get their shit together and not have their sessions time out in the middle of awesomely written posts.


then we win.


but for right now we lose.

lose hard.

bc that post was funny.

and all i want to do now is 







NOT xoxo,