work past the anger

yesterday made me want to ross cassidy everyone (that means murder).

so after professing my anger to fartspace

i did some tracy anderson (sweat out the anger)

and then finished up some client design boards.



the room my client needed help with is a big, open space,

combining the living room and dining room.


there are windows on opposite ends of the room

one of which is actually a sliding glass door..

the floor is all tile.


it's also very neutral (beige)

and the walls are a soft, neutral greige.

so we needed to inject some color and warmth!


here is my ghetto floor plan:


a lot of the furniture is existing..

my client loves the bohemian traditional look with touches of chinois.

the sofa is coral..

and it floats in front of the entry, facing the tv wall.

a settee will be covered in les indiennes and a simple white bench will separate the living space from the dining space.



the entry, behind the sofa:

sconces from furbish.

wallpaper is already up.

console and mirror are existing as well.

client found similar rug on ebay for $150.




 the tv wall, facing the sofa:



the settee:


 the bench (wonkily) separating the dinging and living areas:


 this the opposite side of the room, or the dining/lounge side..

the sliding glass doors:

 this blue antique cabinet was something i saw on one kings lane and gave my client some search words to find something like it on craigslist..within an hour she found something almost EXACTLY like it for $350.

now all she needs to do is paint it blue.


just to the left of the sliding glass doors is a wall of built-ins and a red lounge chair like the one in the picture...

she is on the hunt for a slightly different chair to be her boyfriend and we will cover it in this kerry cassill red stripe.  she found a little moroccan side table on craigslist and already has a very similar kilim..

when i showed this to fiona she started laughing and said..

"hahahah why is there a purse in there!?? hahah!!!"



said client is happy.

and i want to move in.



poop pee,