DC craig aka 1stdibs


you guys..

DC has some serious jacked up prices.

there is some great shit on DC craig but the pricing is crazy.

i had to do a little digging but i think i managed to find a handful of good deals..


porcelain garden stools- $150



king size coral velvet headboard- $375

i wanna design a whole room around this thing.



cute mirror and writing desk- $150

simple and cute.  

i love these as bedside tables that you can use as a desk for daytime work purposes.

like so.


vintage brass floor lamp- $140




amazing screen #1- $400



amazing screen #2- $400



3 tables- $100

these intrigue me.



retro chairs- $60

for upholstery practice?



metal bistro table and chairs- $175(table) $85ea(chairs)

expensive but worth negotiating for.




chinesey lamp- $50



brass and glass deliciousness- $250



chinese caligraphy brushes- ??

please inquire.



vintage metal and wood stool- $35

for room layering and delicious texture.



antique brass lantern- $150

for outdoor tree hanging.



king bed- $275



cute lamp- $85



awesome lacquered chairs- $400

expensive as a whole but 200 per chair for THESE chairs seems deal-ish to me..

plus there's always negotiating.

they are so unique.





suzani and kilim stools- $75

i'd be painting those bases black.



dining table and chairs- $125

fantastic price for this set.

i would strip that heinous sheen right off that table.

paint those chairs white, black, red, glossy eggplant?



12 x 9- $290



9 x 12- $75



turkish rug- $290




velvet chair- $150

awesome shape.




black lacquered console- $150

it's got 3 legs and would look real good in your entry with the following mirror...



ornate mirror- $135

get your hamish bowles on. 



sofa- $80

more upholstery practice. 



coffee table- $25

deal of the day.



mirror- $40





a few of you mentioned canada..

which territory province town?



craiging your face off..


i am going to try to get these out on fridays from now on so you have the weekend to pick shit up.