stuff i like


i like this color palette.

but i wouldn't have chosen rust wall to wall carpet.

and i do enjoy the thought that with a carpenter family member (dad-jesus) that sofa thing could happen.

i even think i could upholster it myself.

but who am i kidding?

i can't even finish painting doors.

i am a project failure these days. 



i am mesmerized by this wall color.

also this room belongs to the guy who played rocky in rocky horror..


this guy:

peter hinwood aka rocky aka antiques dealer and house owner with pretty blue walls and an awesome collection of stuff i would steal.


there's more...





i die for this pool.

i die for this everything.

'cept those chairs.




i really love that wallpaper.

who can tell me what it is?

so moody and stuff.




hranowsky owns me.

do any of you have a giant canopy full of beautiful expensive fabric?

do you not give a shit about dust?


watermelon and strawberry vodka mojitos: recipe



this pleases me on so many levels.








i am a sushi eating champion.

known all over the world as "the velvet buzzsaw".



cabinet color + brass pulls + marble slab.

and agas remind me of my mom and i love my mom.




have a great weekend.

i'm gonna eat fried chicken probably.


images via elle decor, world of interiors, angie hranowsky, what katie ate, the cherry blossom girl and all the best blog