design star and cat vom. same thing.

last night i woke up at 3 am and had to clean huge piles of technicolor cat puke off my floor and bed.

and it TOTALLY reminded me of design star!!!!



art imitates life!





this week the turds had the dreaded white box challenge...

box of whiteness

this is only considered  "dreaded" bc they have to decorate their tiny, white rooms with stupid shit.

in this case, stupid shit from a stupid restaurant supply store.



water bottles..

fuck you ozone layer.




and apples..

horses love apples.



 i feel for the turds on this one...i really do.

i mean no one decorates real rooms in real life with shit from a restaurant supply store. 

not even a restaurant does.


so they have to be conceptual.

not functional.

aka HARD.


and dumb.



here's my entry:

i call it 'ketchup krimes'.


mark had the winning room:

 and here's why..

he didn't try to make an ugly ass room out of peppercorns and spice mosaic.

he had a concept based on his grandfather's WWII hat and he made an art installation.


j had the losing room:

not sure why she lost over this..


but there it is.


showing you the rest of the rooms would be like raping your eyes with sticks dipped in salt, so i won't.


 instead i will entertain you with vagina analogies.


"i want when someone looks at my box.. to know without a doubt..that's kellie's box"



"my wow factor will be my fire box"




"day two and my box is still white"




 "my box reflects me..not only because it's a space i would probably live in but it's also very ordered, it's very.....simple"



thom filicia was the guest judge.

he made faces like this:

and this..


 and i made faces like this..

and this..



turd box,