what's more fake...ramona's dumb fake pregnancy scare or my sincerity in this post?

answer:  it's ramonapause!

cuz i am always sincere.



what's up hookers?

sorry for the lack of post yesterday but i was busy.

this week has been jam packed with work, new work, err'body needin sumthin..



today is no different..

i am off to do more stuffwork.

i will pop back in a bit later to soothe your inner beasts with something or other.

so have no fear...

or do have fear bc i have no idea what it will be which means it could contain some sort of vagina picture or worse!


until then:

this dining room delights the pants off of me.



c u next tuesday!

(or later today.  but definitely by monday)


images via ashli mizell via design junkies