well well...monday i see you are at it again...

this day has already confused me a great deal.

on the one hand i held a tiny white soft feral kitten that hangs out with her tiny white sister and tiny orange tabby brother on my porch.   i have been working on it for weeks.   so i consider that a HUGE win.

on the other hand my best girlfriend molly aka mollsballs is moving across the universe (LA) tomorrow and this will be the last day i see her.

she should know that i am NOT happy for her.

i do NOT wish her well.

i hope she fails miserably out there and hates it and has to move back here to be my bitch again.

sorry.  honesty is the best policy.


AND everyone sent me hate mail about this photo:

i still think it's delightful.

circusy curtains and all.




it's shark week!!


sharks trying to eat people makes up for my sadness.