composition (that's artist talk for where shit goes)
























 lately i have had the urge to paint.

real paint on real canvas and stuff.

and to use words like gesso and underpainting.

i am conflicted by the douchey asshole in me that thinks they can paint

and the who gives a fuck awesome person in me that will do it anyway.

i know i have a little artist in me. (douche douche douche)

it's in the genes.

and..i have had some schooling on the subject..a wee bit.

but that just really doesn't matter.

i don't believe school necessarily makes you good at something

(unless we're talking medical school)

in fact i think a lot of the time it affects natural talent in a negative way.

(spoken like a true asshole)




i am inspired by interior design.


the photos above, if you squint your eyes, LOOK like paintings.

it's the composition of the color and texture in them that i am inspired by.

not as easy as it may look to put together.



some examples of getting it right:







lot's of bloggers are turning into artists, some good...some...meeehhh..


what are your thoughts?


any artisty advice for me?

cheap paint sources?


i aim to share my art stuffs with you.

of course.


even if it sucks dick.