gorgas and manzos and shit.

i am obsessed with the jersey housewives this year. 

maybe it's bc they are filming during the holidays.

maybe it's bc i am obsessed with anyone who spends 50,000 dollars on a birthday party for jesus.




caroline and her dumb radio show.

ashley and her bad attitude.

melissa and teresa and their dumb feud.

joe guidice humping teresa in the country bed.




anytime melissa says "jesus's birthday".

anytime joe gorga shows me his slightly inbred puppydog eyes.

the guidice's "country house".

lots of delicious fucking delicious food.

kathy and rich's kids using their allowance to buy their mother a laptop.

albie smiling at me.


i could go on...


it's the jersey husbands/sons who are getting the hi5's from me this year..



excpet for this one..

it's this fucking gorilla that is keeping the gorga's apart..

he is planting ideas in tre's feeble little brain. 




top husband honors go to..

bitch please..


strong. slient. puts up with that douchebag ashley.



i want to mainline your face. 



share your thoughts.

but only if you watch this shit.

don't bore me with your "i hate these reality shows, i have more important things to do with my time..like walking my dog and winning emmy's and  farting gold"...