i won the lottery, got published in a magazine, got cast in an episode of glee (i kill gwyneth's character) and i lost 5 lbs!

just kidding! fuck you it's monday!



actually if i'm being honest (and i always am) i did get sort of published in a magazine.

it's this magazine:

you can read it all here


it's a cute magazine. 

very bloggercentric..

lot's of people you know and read...

in fact you are probably in it too.

it's full of cute rooms, cute tips, cute recipes and even cute money tips for money idiots like me.

overall there is a lot of good shit in this magazine...really.  

i am seriously going to read at least 3 articles in it and i cannot say that about ANY OTHER ONLINE MAGAZINE!

in fact this will be the first time i take my laptop on the pooper.



my little desk area is on page 56 and it's part of  the example on how to combine contrasting elements..

like a chrome and leathuh chair with a frenchy desk.


 go read it and improve your monday.

see you on the pooper!