masculine rooms with a little tribal/ethnic in there also as well, too sometimes...

one of my g'readers

(that's pronounced 'greeters' but it stands for 'gay readers')

which is at least 5 whole g'readers that i am aware of..


he asked me this:

I have a request, when (and if) the mood ever strikes, would you be able to do a post or 2 that has rooms with a masculine feel, with tribal/ethnic influences?? It's harder than you may think to find these on the design blogs out there...... it's all milk washed distressed ugly cabinets, fake poorly executed French shabby chic dining room and photos of ugly babies in hand made clothing.  (HA HA TOTALTOTES TRUE!)


so yes. 

of course i will do that.

and you will enjoy it too bc that is a delightful combination.




this room is one kilim away from what you want.







this room is so masculine i can smell it's man musk from here.