just putting it out there on a sunday..

it's raining today. 

ahhh sweet sweet rain.

cooling off the devil's armpit that is the south.


can we talk school supplies for a minute?

target raped me this morning.

$124 for a 1st grader?!!

glue, pencils, ziplocks, pencil cases, shit, poop, stuff, glue sticks, pee sticks, crayons, paper, binders with prongs, prongs with tabs, tabs with nuts, gold and silver, the lost arc of the covenant?

shit be expensive.


and then in a pee drinking twist of fate all that shit will be used to make 6000 art projects and drawings that will come back to me in her little pronged notebook that i can't bear to throw away so that a level 5 hoarding situation starts to happen.  where is the justice in that? 


but not to be outdone by school supplies, UNIFORMS be expensive too.

polos, logos, chinos, mesh shorts, privacy shorts, jumpers, plaid, black shoes, brown shoes, skorts, farts and sharts, belts and beaver pelts. 


the good news is that with fiona back in school..

 home projects can resume, starting with fiona's room and ending with my dining room..

a not pocket raping ikea pendant is going to get a coat of aubergine paint.

the walls are going to get a coat of peachy pink.

a couple of inexpensive ebay sconces similar to the ones in the board will be added.

a super awesome craigslist deal in that chinese glass front cabinet to store my pretties and uglies.

the rest is already mine.


fiona's room is a secret.

but i will tell you there is yellow pom pom fringe involved and these:




as you were.